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Platos Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 7

Platos Ethics - Essay Example He focuses to a decent comprehension of what ideals, for example, fearlessness, equity, and restraint have on the individual’s attempt at achieving joy. He focuses to these ideals since they are, as per him, what one needs to acknowledge delight, fellowship, respect, riches, excellence and different products throughout everyday life. As needs be, one can't procure shrewdness essentially by getting information about general guidelines.  Hume is renowned for his empiricist hypothesis of the psyche which affirms that reason is a captive of interests; moral differentiations are not gotten from reason; moral qualifications are gotten from moral assumptions, and that ideals are either normal or fake. Hume is of the conclusion that interests (sentiments, feelings, wants) are insignificant impressions that are altogether different from thoughts which are unique, distinctive and exuberant discernments. This is a result of interests, as per Hume, control thinking and wants.  Russell set forth a great deal of suppositions about marriage, war and the privileges of ladies. In the entirety of his compositions, Russell demanded one’s having a receptive outlook towards dealing with the issues in their lives. He loathed tenacity even with counter-contentions since it's anything but an excellence when in an experimentally disapproved of mastermind. To Russell, temperances implied surveying a given contention from the perspective of one with enough data and with a receptive outlook to permit them to take the most reasonable side.  The factory is cited to have said that â€Å"the impact created, in social marvels, by any perplexing situation, sums accurately to the aggregate of the impacts of conditions taken singly.† He subsequently positioned an accentuation on the impacts of one’s activities to the greater part and past the person. He concluded this thought from the works of Auguste Comte and different logicians during his time or before him.

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Best Of The Best Top Advice From 10 Marketing Experts

Elite Top Advice From 10 Marketing Experts Our preferred thing about facilitating the Actionable Marketing Podcast is picking the cerebrums of showcasing saints. Along these lines, we’re totally overwhelmed by the astonishing advertisers we’ve gotten the chance to gain from in the course of recent years. To our audience members, you’re the explanation we do this. It’s about carrying the most elite to you. To praise the 100th scene of AMP, here are a portion of our preferred visitors, takeaways, and musings from over 60 hours of showcasing gold! A portion of the features of the show include: Janna Maron: No more disappointment by banking substance and planning it to auto distribute; distribute less, however at higher caliber Michael Brenner: The most convincing approach to control all that you do as an advertiser what’s in it for the client, partner, and friends? Brian Clark: His greatest promoting botch was the scourge of information a subjective inclination where you expect the crowd knows certain things you know Noah Kagan: Helped Mint scale to its initial 100,000 clients in under a year; what’s your objective and timetable? Andrea Fryrear: Marketers are approached to do new ventures constantly, however organize and improve overabundance of undertakings to be effective; plan your work, work your arrangement Joanna Wiebe: Describes how to go further than Calls To Action and into Calls To Value; obviously articulate the ultra-explicit incentive on the opposite side of a tick Tim Soulo: You ought to compose 2,000+ word articles to rank in web crawlers, yet individuals don’t need to peruse they need answers to inquiries to tackle issues Nir Eyal: Psychology of propensity development and how advertisers can benefit from it; each item you use is to adjust your state of mind and reduce torment Jeff Goins: Four characteristics in best-performing posts piece is elegantly composed, contains a convincing guarantee, keeps that guarantee, and wows peruser with esteem Rand Fishkin: Remarkable client inquire about decides TRUE influencer status and who to join forces with for co-advancement; share what crowd esteems On the off chance that you appreciate AMP, compose an audit on iTunes and send a screen capture of it to be participated in into an attracting to win the 100th scene giveaway, which incorporates a $100 loot bundle, heap of three advertising books, and $50 Amazon gift voucher! On the off chance that you enjoyed today’s appear, if you don't mind buy in on iTunes to The Actionable Content Marketing Podcast! The webcast is additionally accessible on SoundCloud, Stitcher, and Google Play. Connections: Step by step instructions to Create A Bank Of Content (And Plan Ahead) With Janna Maron From Smart Passive Income 3 Questions To Guide Your Marketing Program With Michael Brenner From Marketing Insider Group Copyblogger’s Best Advice On How To Scale To 8 Figures With Brian Clark From Copyblogger Step by step instructions to Grow From 0 to 1 Million Customers With Noah Kagan From SumoMe and OkDork Step by step instructions to Use Agile Project Management To Organize Your Marketing With Andrea Fryrear From AgileSherpas Step by step instructions to Use Conversion Psychology To Get Better Results With Joanna Wiebe From Copyhackers Step by step instructions to Get Your Content To Rank #1 On Google With Tim Soulo Of Ahrefs The most effective method to Use The Psychology Of Habit Formation To Be A Better Marketer With Best-Selling Author Nir Eyal Instructions to Use A Scorecard To Create More Effective Content With Jeff Goins From Goins, Writer The most effective method to Do Remarkable Customer Research With Rand Fishkin From SparkToro Statements: â€Å"Imagine no more disappointment. No more fire drills. What's more, huge amounts of chance to prepare and move future tasks around easily.† Janna Maron â€Å"What’s in it for the client, the associate, and the organization can truly get you to a point where you’re going to wind up not doing things that don’t work and serve your customers.† Michael Brenner â€Å"You need to figure out how to stick out. Theres something other than the measure of significant worth in the substance. Theres your voice, the manner in which you interface with the crowd, the entirety of that is important.† Brian Clark â€Å"Really constraining our work and centering in is the main way we’re going to arrive at the purpose of doing great, top notch work that’s concentrated on the audience.† Andrea Fryrear â€Å"It’s not about length it’s about conveying the worth and convincing the individuals that you can take care of their concern in as less words as possible.† Tim Soulo

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How to Get Online Essay Writing Help

How to Get Online Essay Writing HelpLooking for essay writing help? There are many writing articles on the internet that give tips and advice on how to write a good essay. If you want to get help with your essay writing, you should take a look at these tips.Do not forget that essay writing is not only a matter of writing. When you are preparing your essay, make sure that you consider the factors that can influence the quality of your essay. You must keep in mind that not all essays are suitable for submission.With this said, you have to be aware of the different aspects that affect the quality of an essay. First, try to follow the rules of grammar and punctuation. Secondly, you should always give attention to the construction of sentences. After all, you cannot say that grammar is not an aspect that can improve the quality of the essay. Many people think that grammar only does not affect the quality of an essay.It is always good to pay attention to the sentence structure of the essay . Consider carefully the sentence, or even paragraph, that you will be writing. By the time you are done, you should be able to present the main idea or point of the essay clearly.Assess your essay based on its tone. Make sure that you use strong verbs, accurate wording, and good body. Make sure that the subject of your essay is in good shape before you start writing.You can also use online essays help. Several sites offer essay writing help. You can browse the different features and benefits offered by such websites and choose one that suits your needs.Writing a great essay is not easy. If you do not know where to begin or how to proceed, it is better if you take the help of essay writing help. There are many resources that can help you improve your writing skills.So, do not wait until you forget how to write an essay. Instead, take advantage of the essay writing help that is offered by some online writing sites.

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Oppression Of Africans Toward African Americans And The...

This story about the arrogance of Africans toward African Americans and the statement made by the cab driver â€Å"FUNNY HOW THEY SAY MANY AFRICANS THAT COME HERE LOOK DOWN ON US. I DONT THINK SO. THEY JUST KNOW THAT WE RE DIFF FROM THEM. AND OF COURSE MANY BLK AMERICANS LOOK DOWN ON AFRICANS WHO COME HERE TO LIVE. I HAVE ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT SOME WERE ARROGANT. I MIGHT HAVE TOLD U ABOUT THIS. EVIDENTLY, FARRAKHAN HAD THE SAME IDEA. HE WAS IN A CAB AND HIS DRIVER WAS AFRICAN. FARRAKHAN MENTIONED TO HIM THAT MOST OF THE AFRICANS THAT HE RAN N2 WERE RATHER ARROGANT. THE CAB DRIVER SAID NO, WE RE NOT ARROGANT. WE RE JUST LIKE U WOULD HAVE BEEN (BLK AMERICANS) HAD U NOT BEEN ENSLAVED HERE NOW THATS DEEP. SO MANY OF US CANT UNDERSTAND JUST WHY AFRICANS SHOULD FEEL ABOVE US..OR ARROGANT I THINK ITS SIMPLY B/C THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE. BUT LIKE U HAVE STATED, THEYVE DONE A POOR JOB TAKING CARE OF HOME. EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WHO WANTED TO, CAME IN AND TOOK A PIECE OF AFRICA...SMH. SO VERY SAD.â€Å" I am not impressed by cab driver s statement. He s the cab driver, just a step above being a waiter, he s in this country for a reason to make a better living than the one he could have made in Africa. The average African American wouldn t even consider going to Africa to live in the conditions in he came from. With the dominance Europe has had and continue to have, considering the period of apartheid, this African cab driver as well as Africans in Africa have it a thousandShow MoreRelatedLangston Hughes Research Paper25309 Words   |  102 Pagesowner of a ranch and mines, Jim expressed contempt for black Americans who continued to submit to segregation and live in poverty. Langston Hughes, 1933 (Library of Congress) Langston was not ashamed of being a black American. He had already written poems celebrating his heritage. He felt connected to the oppressed brown people of the world and hated his father for mistreating his Mexican employees. Witnessing his fathers tyranny made Langston sick enough to require hospitalization. By theRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pagesand Richard Moser, eds., The World the Sixties Made: Politics and Culture in Recent America Joanne Meyerowitz, ed., History and September 11th John McMillian and Paul Buhle, eds., The New Left Revisited David M. Scobey, Empire City: The Making and Meaning of the New York City Landscape Gerda Lerner, Fireweed: A Political Autobiography Allida M. Black, ed., Modern American Queer History Eric Sandweiss, St. Louis: The Evolution of an American Urban Landscape Sam Wineburg, Historical Thinking

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Factors that Limit School Effectiveness

Districts, schools, administrators, and teachers are continuously in the spotlight and rightfully so. Educating our youth is an essential part of our national infrastructure. Education has such a profound impact on society as a whole that those responsible for educating should receive extra attention. These people should be celebrated and championed for their efforts. However, the reality is that education as a whole is looked down upon and often mocked. There are so many factors beyond any one person’s control that can strip school effectiveness. The truth is that the majority of teachers and administrators do the best they can with what they are given. Each school is different. There are schools that unquestionably have more limiting factors than others when it comes to the overall effectiveness. There are several factors that many schools deal with on a daily basis that strip school effectiveness. Some of these factors can be controlled, but all will likely never entirely go away. Poor Attendance Attendance matters. A teacher cannot possibly do their job if a student is not there. While a student can do the makeup work, it is likely that they learn less than they would have by being there for the original instruction. Absences add up quickly. A student who misses an average of ten school days a year will have missed an entire school year by the time they graduate high school. Poor attendance severely limits a both a teacher’s overall effectiveness and a student’s learning potential. Poor attendance plagues schools across the country. Excessive Tardiness/Leaving Early Excessive tardiness can be hard to get under control. For elementary and junior high/middle school students, it is difficult to hold them accountable when it their parent’s responsibility to get them to school on time. Junior high/middle school and high school students who have transition time between classes have multiple opportunities to be tardy each day. All of this time can quickly add up. It minimizes effectiveness in two ways. First a student who is routinely tardy misses a lot of class when you add up all that time. It also disrupts the teacher and student each time a student comes in tardy. Students who routinely leave early also minimize the effectiveness in the same way. Many parents believe that teachers do not teach the first fifteen minutes of the day and the last fifteen minutes of the day. However, all of this time adds up, and it will have an impact on that student. Schools have a set start time and a set end time. They expect their teachers to be teaching, and their students to be learning from the first bell until the last bell. Parents and students who do not respect that help strip school effectiveness. Student Discipline Dealing with discipline issues is a fact of life for teachers and administrators for every school. Each school faces different types and levels of discipline issues. However, the fact remains that all discipline issues disrupt the flow of a class and take valuable class time away for all students involved. Each time a student is sent to the principal’s office it takes away from learning time. This interruption in learning increases in cases where suspension is warranted. Student discipline issues occur on a daily basis. These continual disruptions do limit a school’s effectiveness. Schools can create policies that are rigid and strict, but they will likely never be able to eliminate discipline issues altogether. Lack of Parental Support Teachers will tell you that those students whose parents attend every parent teacher conference are often the ones whom they do not need to see. This is one small correlation between parental involvement and student success. Those parents who believe in education, push their kids at home, and support their child’s teacher give their child a better opportunity to succeed academically. If schools had 100% of parents who did those three things listed above, we would see a surge in academic success in schools across the country. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many children in our schools today. Many parents do not value education, do not do anything with their child at home, and only send them to school because they have to or because they view it as free baby sitting. Lack of Student Motivation Give a teacher a group of motivated students and you have a group of students in which the academic sky is the limit. Unfortunately, many students these days are not motivated to go to school to learn. Their motivation to go to school comes from being at school because they have to, participating in extra-curricular activities, or hanging out with their friends. Learning should be the number one motivation for all students, but it is rare when a student goes to school primarily for that purpose. Poor Public Perception The school used to be the focal point of every community. Teachers were respected and looked at to be pillars of society. Today there is a negative stigma associated with schools and teachers. This public perception has an impact on the job that a school can do. When people and the community talk negatively about a school, administrator, or teacher it undermines their authority and makes them less effective. Communities that support their school wholeheartedly have schools that are more effective. Those communities who do not provide support will have schools that are less effective than they could be. Lack of Funding Money is a crucial aspect when it comes to school success. Money affects key issues including class size, programs offered, curriculum, technology, professional development, etc. Each of these can have a profound effect on student success. When there are educational budget cuts, the quality of education each child receives will be affected. These budget cuts limit a school’s effectiveness. It does require a significant monetary investment to adequately educate our students. If cuts are made teachers and schools will figure a way out to make do with what they have, but their effectiveness will be influenced in some way by those cuts. Too Much Testing The overemphasis of standardized testing is limiting schools in their approach to education. Teachers have been forced to teach to the tests. This has led to a lack of creativity, an inability to implement activities which address real life issues, and has taken authentic learning experiences away in virtually every classroom. Due to the high stakes associated with these assessments teachers and students believe all their time should be devoted to preparing and taking tests. This has had a negative impact on school effectiveness and is an issue that schools will find it difficult to overcome. Lack of Respect Education used to be a well respected profession. That respect has increasingly disappeared. Parents no longer take a teachers word on a matter that occurred in class. They talk terribly about their child’s teacher at home. Students do not listen to teachers in class. They can be argumentative, rude, and discourteous. Some of the blame in a case like this falls on the teacher, but students should have been raised to be respectful to adults in all cases. A lack of respect undermines a teacher’s authority, minimizing, and often zeroing out their effectiveness in the classroom. Bad Teachers A bad teacher and particularly a group of incompetent teachers can derail a school’s effectiveness quickly. Every student who has a poor teacher has the potential to fall behind academically. This problem has a trickle down effect in that it makes the next teacher’s job that much harder. Like any other profession there are those who should not have chosen teaching as a career. They simply are not cut out to do it. It is essential that administrators make quality hires, evaluate teachers thoroughly, and remove teachers quickly which do not live up to the school’s expectations.

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Community Assessment And Its Impact On The Community

Anderson and McFarlane (2004) defined community assessment as a process; it is the act of becoming acquainted with a community (p.169). Community Assessment is similar to a physical assessment of a person because one has to review the history, examine all areas thoroughly, and report problem areas encountered. The community I assessed was Little Haiti. During the assessment, I was able to participate in various activities that helped transition into the community. The main method used in learning about the neighbororhood was observation. Observing the community gave me the opportunity to examine the area from the perspective of an outsider. There were times when I was able to see the city from an insider’s perspective. During the 1970’s, the socio-economic conditions in Haiti deteriorated with widespread corruption, an increasingly repressive state, inadequate basic social and economic infrastructure and a total neglect of the peasant population†¦. This gave rise to a mass exodus consisting primarily of poor peasants and urban dwellers that became known as the â€Å"Haitian Boat People.† Haitians fled deteriorating conditions in Haiti and traveled by boat to the Bahamas and Florida in hope of a better life. While some reunited with family members living in other U.S. regions, the great majority remained in Florida†¦. Once inhabited mostly by middle-class whites, the City of Miami became the highest point of concentration of Haitian refugees in South Florida throughout the 1970’sShow MoreRelatedAssessment of Social Impacts on Local Community: Wimbledon Tennis Tournament1043 Words   |  5 PagesAssessment of social impacts on local community: Wimbledon tennis tournament Working Title: Assessment of social impacts on local community: Wimbledon tennis tournament Research Context: The study is situated in events management domain, aims to identify and analyse social impacts of Wimbledon tennis tournament on local community applying Social Impact Evaluation Framework. Research Rationale: Research of social impact of events is one of the emergingRead MoreThe Exxon Valdez And Bp Oil Spill1309 Words   |  6 PagesComparison of Initial Social and Psychological Impacts. American Behavioral Scientist (2011): 3-23. This article was concerned in identifying psychological impact of disasters. The article analyzed the psychological effects of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill and the 2010 BP oil spill. The article discussed how years after these disasters the environment and the people felt the effects of these man-produced disasters. Goldman, Laurence R. Social Impact: An Applied Anthropology Manual. Oxford: BloomsburyRead MoreHealth Impact Assessment : The Health Of A Population And The Distribution Of Those Effects1342 Words   |  6 Pagesprovides recommendations on monitoring and managing those effects (Health Impact Assessment, 2015)† Healthcare providers counsel their patients on ways to keep in good physical health. Similarly, Health Impact Assessments (HIA) offers the same guidance to communities. This information helps societies make educated choices about refining public health by means of community planning. HIA is a method that aids in assessments of the possible health effects of an idea, assignment or program before itRead MoreStrategic Challenges For Local Communities1212 Words   |  5 Pages Strategic Challenges for Local Communities The Department of Homeland Security released the 2014 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review on June 18, 2014 as required by the Homeland Security Act of 2002 and its amendments. This review outlined the current state of preparedness, as well as the future areas of concentration. It also determined six strategic challenges facing the nation: terrorist threat; growing cyber threats; biological concerns as a whole; nuclear terrorism; transnational criminalRead MoreExploring Terrorism And Terrorism1312 Words   |  6 Pages Module two highlighted the need for a greater understanding of how to recognize terrorism and what resources can be utilized to strengthen communities. A strong capability to perform hazard and threat assessments can go a long way in helping a community take preventive and protective measure in the fight against terrorism. Fighting terrorism is a combination of several tools and activities aimed at improving response capabilities and reducing the risks from attacks. Activities to measure and improveRead MoreThe Department Of Homeland Securities 2014 Essay1078 Words   |  5 Pagesare; the threat of terrorism, cyber threats, transnational criminal organizations, natural hazards, nuclear terrorism, and biological concerns. These threats represent challenges not only for the local communities, but the nation as a whole. There are a number of ways for states, local communities, and tribal organizations to prioritize and assess the greatest risks applicable to them, and the means in which to implement mitigating measures to reduce the risk from identified threats and hazards.Read MoreHistory Of Commonwealth Facilities Used For Commonwealth Games1339 Words   |  6 Pagesnew residential area. The Landcorp proposed to subdivide the area to build four type housing with a unique characteristic. The character of the building could help the redevelopment to achieve the goals which will believe to benefit the existing community for example a sport facilit y in AK reserves would have new funding to increase facilities from Perry Lakes redevelopment land sale. However, the special characteristic of the area including some features of former Perry Lakes sport facilities thatRead MoreMobilizing For Action Through Planning And Partnerships1582 Words   |  7 Pages Professor, Georgeen Polyak, PhD Benedictine University Executive Summary of the Assessment Plan (Atlantic County) Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) is a community strategic plan to improve community health. Atlantic County Department of Public Health used MAPP for creation of a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The MAPP process is done by three committees: 1-MAPP Core Committee: a public health professional’sRead MoreEvaluation Of An Integrated Care Pathway1379 Words   |  6 PagesMedical Journal, 1998). In this essay I aim to justify a patient pathway of care with reference to national and local agendas. I will analyse the assessment strategies utilised in the pathway from a bio-psycho-social perspective with reference to contemporary evidence and provide examples from clinical practice where assessment of the patient of the pathway impacts upon the care planning process. JUSTIFY THE SELECTION OF THE PATHWAY WITH REFERENCE TO NATIONAL AND LOCAL AGENDAS The pathway I have selectedRead MoreThe Implementation Plan For A New Outlook From Local Business Owners1415 Words   |  6 Pageswill give a new outlook from local business owners and benefit the community. For example, the local business owners can anticipate damages from disaster and offer insight on the impacts during pre-disaster planning. The implementation plan will support the community plan by; historical management, prioritizing, and community support. By looking at Arkansas history of disaster, strategies can be developed to decrease the impacts. In the past Arkansas, the federal government has paid out disaster

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Importance of Supply Chain Outsourcing Free-Sample for Students

Question: Discuss about the Business Research Methodology. Answer: Introduction Govindan et al. (2015) mentioned that there are many organizations to prefer outsourcing some of their business functions to a third-party organization so that they can focus on critical business operations. This third- party then take all the liabilities to accomplish the business operation. Wisner et al. (2014) however highlight that the most usual business approaches that many marketers considered for outsourcing are- marketing, sales, human resources and accounting. However, in recent times, outsourcing supply chain management to some other organization has become a trend. Experts also believe that unanticipated costs, potentiality for setbacks, poor quality work and Integration Difficulties are the risk concerning outsourcing the SCM while better focus on other business aspects, meeting customer demands, minimization of overall cost, flexibility in business and more business networks are advantageous factors in SCM outsourcing (Sodhi and Tang 2012). The prime objective of this assessment is to compare and contrast on related peer-reviewed articles on supply- chain management outsourcing and to draw the ideas and concept discussed in those articles. The risk and advantages along with their conclusion for their research identified by these scholars will also be illustrated. Discussion Outsourcing life-cycle In the article Outsourcing within a Supply Chain Management Framework, Hila and Dumitrascu (2014) describes that SCM outsourcing resembles the buyer-seller relationship. In this peer journal, it is mentioned that the outsourcing process should be implemented by following a systematic outsourcing life cycle that comprises of 7 steps- strategic assessment, needs analysis, Supplier assessment, contract management, project initiation, relationship management and continuance of the partnership. Figure 1: Outsourcing life-cycle (Source: Hila and Dumitrascu2014) The research scholar also highlights that the advantage of supply chain outsourcing is greater business flexibility, low investment risk, improved cash flow and low labor costs. It is also mentioned in this research paper that outsourcing is majorly done by forming long-term relationships with competent companies, who can effectively accomplish their businesss objectives. Factors like freeing resources for other purposes, infusion of cash, lack of internal resources, a better capability of external supplier and the desire to focus more tightly on core business influence marketers to outsource their business operations. Waters and Rinsler (2014) also depicted that risk of choosing inefficient suppliers, longer lead times, leakage of intellectual property and loss of control over process are some of the common disadvantages in business function outsourcing. The conclusion drawn here is that whether or not a marketer intends to outsource their business operations, in order to attain hig h quality, collaboration between buyer and seller and sharing rewards and commitment ensures the improvement in costs, quality, delivery, time and performance. Relationship of Supply Chain Management and Outsourcing Moreover in the research journal Relationship between Supply Chain Management and Outsourcing Mazlan and Ali (2006) explains that in order to enhance organizational performance, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Outsourcing are considered as important tools. The research scholar here mentioned that outsourcing the supply chain management procedures provide competitive advantage to an organization as the third- party on which SCM is outsourced are expertise in this field and the logistics process of the business will be handled hassle-free. Sodhi and Tang (2012) furthermore suggests that these outsources companies comprises of two parties- upstream parties and the downstream parties. Upstream parties signify an organizations functions, processes and network of suppliers; on the other hand, distribution channels and processes signifies the downstream functions. Mazlan and Ali (2006) furthermore highlighted that in outsourcing, marketers have to align their business objectives with that of their SCM third- party, so that mutual understanding can be reached. Thus, the disadvantage in SCM outsourcing is the proper execution of complex and complicated management system due to more number of associated people. Christopher (2016) moreover argues that practice of outsourcing is sustainable and businesspersons are satisfied with the overall business outcome in outsourcing their logistics procedure. The benefits in this process are to reduce costs, improve employee productivity, expand services and expertise as marketers got more time to focus on their core business. Compared to the first article, in this research paper, it is mentioned that business contacts are also enhanced in this way, as these third parties are also liable to handle the SMS functionality of more than one organization. Another different aspect in this journal articles highlighted is the overlapping aspects among three factors- people, process and technology (Mazlan and Ali 2006). The conclusion that i s drawn from this research article is that outsourcing can be an element of magnitude in SCM. This can be achieved through effective collaboration with downstream and upstream parties. Logistics outsourcing in retailing for fresh products The third article is Fresh product supply chain management with logistics outsourcing, where it is mentioned that the presence of third-party logistics (3PL) provider in the supply chain has a significant impact on the business performance. One of the greatest advantages of outsourcing the SCM is that marketers can overcome the geographic separation between the production base and the target market (Cai et al. 2013). These 3PL providers handle all the transportation costs and time to deliver the final goods from the manufacturers to the end-customers and the level of freshness can be maintained. This article majorly focuses on the retail business, where customers intended to get fresh products from an organization. The risk in logistics outsourcing is the variation of transport time depending on the transportation distance (Johnson 2014). The problem arises when the time taken to deliver products to the users takes longer than the usual time and the products will not remain fresh. Th us, compare to two of the research articles, this journal highlighted the risk of quantity loss and quality loss in retail business for perishable products. Another reason for the occurrence of this adversity is lacks experience in the employees or lack of knowledge in marinating the organizations objectives. Adversities like using cheaper items, cuts corners and improper adoption of risk factors in business also create hassle in the entire process and customer might not get their desired products on time. The conclusion that is drawn in this article is that retailers should adopt third- party supply chain associates for transferring their products to long-distance. However, motivation plays a crucial role in making their third- party service providers and thus incentive scheme should be implemented to facilitate their coordination. Supply chain outsourcing for fresh products The next article that is taken into consideration is Global Supply Chains: Factors Influencing Outsourcing of Logistics Functions. In this research article, it is mentioned that nearly all large multinational companies associated with third-party logistics providers to freight forwarders (Rao and Young 2014). Johnson (2014) also highlight that the factors that drive the tendency to get associated with a third-party logistics provider are- achievement of risk liability and control, formulation of market relationships, attaining centrality of the logistics functions to core competency and operating cost/service tradeoffs. In the context of the risk that is associated with this SCM providers are- product complexity, process complexity and Network complexity (Rao and Young 2014). Process Complexity resembles the time sensitivity of transactions within the supply chain, order cycle times and manufacturing cycle times for customer orders and components and products respectively. Network co mplexity furthermore signifies geographic dispersion and intensiveness of transactions. Brandenburg et al. (2014) moreover stated the major reasons for this complexity are- selecting an effective number of distribution trading partners, appropriate selection of the region where the logistics process needs to be performed, maintenance of stock-keeping unit (SKU) and origin/destination (OD) pair permutations. In this case, the problem arises due to nature of the traffic dispersion that is when all the firms products are distributed among the major regions of the world. Moreover, Brandenburg et al. (2014) also portrays that unanticipated cost, potential for setbacks, maintaining quality of products and integration difficulties are some risk in outsourcing the supply chain operation to others. In context of unanticipated costs, it can be said there are always hidden fees that a third party does not reveal like increased shipping costs and associated taxes on cost projections. These fluc tuations results in conflicts and poor communication and less priority. Moreover, problem in unrealistic timelines throughout distribution also hosts many problems that can lead to revenue loss and glitches in the supply chain process. Lastly, in the context of the product complexity, it is important to analyze the environmental information like temperature and humidity for transportation, storage and handling. These details are assessed effectively by the third- party according to the sensitivity of the business products of the host company. Warehouse, IT and Customs Brokerage Outsourcings Moreover, in Role of logistics outsourcing on supply chain strategy and management the prime topic for discussion is to analyze the effect of logistics outsourcing. In this article, (Hilletofth and Hilmola 2010) mentioned that there are several types of 3PL providers- standard 3pl providers, service developers, customer developers and customer adapters. The advantages of this outsourcing are the ease of order intake, procurement, inventory management, fleet management, warehousing, and distribution of the products and the goods. Hilletofth and Hilmola (2010) moreover depict that the underlying disadvantage in SCM outsourcing is the lack of needed competency and resources for proper logistics distribution among the third parties. Wu et al. (2013) also affirm that large organizations on performing other business operations have to put less effort on their distribution process as 3PL providers do the same for the concerned organization. The conclusion drawn from this research article is that warehousing and customs brokerage outsourcing are two major aspects of supply chain outsourcing (Hilletofth and Hilmola 2010). However, in recent times, the IT applications of logistics information system are mostly valued as everything in the business is automatic but customs brokerage outsourcings are considered as the core strength of the logistics. The only difference that is found in the local and international supply chain outsourcing is that in the former case, the customs brokerage outsourcing is mostly preferred; while, in the latter case, the IT outsourcing is preferable. Importance of supply chain outsourcing In the research report Supply chain outsourcing: More choices, tougher decisions, Byrne (2006) highlight some of the major business issues due to which marketers prefers 3PL providers to formulating their own supply chain department. These issues are- organization specific issues like ineffective supply chain leadership, improper knowledge in boom and bust cycles and lack of skills in information technology as a competitive differentiator long with the inability to implement long-lasting changes. Moreover, Johnson (2014) affirms by depicting that financial issues are the major reason for which businesspeople wants to outsource their SCM process. These financial issues comprise of factors like- incapable of handling the increased cost of SC costs, proper management to free- up the investment costs and consistently missed services or availability targets (Mena et al. 2013). On the other hand, Pagell and Shevchenko (2014) argue that supply-chain specific issues are the important aspect that enforces a businessperson to hand over their distribution process to third- party. Wang et al. (2015) furthermore portray that improper monitoring of the inventories across different departments, visibility of orders in transit, lack of knowledge in global integration of supply chain processes and inconsistency in adopting best SCM practices among the organizations different departments along with the purchasing of effective supply chain resources. However, all the three factors- organization specific issues, financial issues and supply chain issues can be overcome by selecting efficient 3PL providers and resembles the benefits of outsourcing the supply chain function to them (Stadtler 2015). Byrne (2006) moreover, highlighted in the article that key decision criteria for frequently outsourced supply chain functions are- transportation, warehousing, network planning and procurement. E-commerce companies also outsource their SCM for better and fast distribution services. Wang et al. (2015) on the other hand mentioned that an organization have to take initiatives for helping their clients to perform higher by collaboratively managing the strategies, processes, technologies and synergies so that both the companys and its outsourced suppliers business objectives can be aligned. The disadvantages in this context are that distribution is an important function and the company has to rely for their products delivery on them. Arise of conflicts and poor management of the customer handling may results in poor brand recognition due to inefficient 3PL providers. In addition to that, Mena et al. (2013) depicts that outsourcing results in losing control over the processes due to which delay in delivery and ineffective customer satisfaction occurs. Moreover, proper integration with the supply chain services provider cannot be attained easily as an organization intends to associate with organization who have expertise in every field of logistics and this become tough for 3PL to fulfil. Conclusion Thus, it can be concluded that the major benefits that can be attained by outsourcing the business performance are to coordinate the core business operations efficiently. This assessment focuses on the supply chain management outsourcing that is to handle over the distribution approaches of the business products and services on a third party enterprises or providers. This process ensures that the final goods will be delivered to the end-users without any delay. A total of six research articles are taken into consideration and the common facts that were found are that businesspeople outsource their supply chain procedure to 3PL providers in order to get more business contact, overcoming infusion of cash, lack of internal resources and better capability of external supplier. These factors ensure attainment of high quality and effective collaboration between buyer and seller. Moreover, it is also found that outsources companies comprises of upstream parties and the downstream parties th at are liable for handling the network of suppliers and distribution channels. The major disadvantage that is found by analysis all the research articles are that businesspeople face difficulty in executing complex and complicated management system and in the identification of the variation of transport time depending on the transportation distance. 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